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Monday, November 16, 2009

BBC Launch New Comedy Series

The BBC have today announced the launch of a new comedy series, to be shown in the runup to the General Election.

The series, which has been titled 'Against The Odds' follows the hilarious antics of a desperate Government hoping against hope for re-election, and features a host of comic characters from the past in cameo roles, including Keir Hardie and Aneurysm Bevan.

BBC Head of Comedy Nick Robinson said, "this is a groundbreaking comedy drama - a mix of 'Shameless', 'The New Statesman' and 'Only Fools And Horses', with a generous dollop of 'Laurel & Hardy'. With ham-fisted antics to rival the Keystone Kops, the audience gets to follow the increasingly-desperate Government attempts at re-election. Parts of the pilot episode had me in tears of laughter, especially the bit where they try to convince the US President to become a Party member.

"However, the episode where the Prime Minister gets locked in a toilet and hilarious hi-jinks ensue is absolute comedy gold, rivalled only by the one when Peter Mandelson gets his television address script mixed up with his mortgage application".

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