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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

David Wilshire Apologises. Sort Of. . .

Wilshire. Along with several other MPs, should be added to the Thesaurus under 'Thief'.

. . So I will too. Sort of.

I note that David Wilshire MPiggie, who so inventively attempted to link his self-inflicted predicament with that of the victims of the Holocaust, has apologised for such an attempt.

Well, when I say 'has apologised', what I MEAN is that he's been forced to issue the usual 'you didn't actually understand what I was saying' grudging pseudo-sorry by Forehead Cameron.

Well, in the spirit of regret and apology, I should do similar.

I'm sorry that I didn't make it clear enough that David Wilshire MPiggie is a loathsome, venal, grasping lowlife who manipulated the 'rules' on expenses and business payments to milk the taxpayer out of £100k, and that quite frankly he should lose the whip not for his crass comments on the Holocaust, but for his misappropriation of public funds.

I hope that's clearer now.

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