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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Press Complaints Commission To Regulate Everything

PCC: Not just trying to increase their personal fiefdom at all. Oh no.

The Press Complaints Commission have announced their intention to increase the remit of their available powers, saying that the blurring of boundaries between the traditional press and 'citizen journalism' makes an update necessary.

Speaking to the Society of Fleet Street DrinkersEditors, the Chairman of the PCC, Baroness Buscombe, said that with more sources of 'news' becoming available now, it was important that regulation extended to cover all aspects of media by which people may form opinions.

Baroness Buscombe said, "the fragmentation of media and news sources now mean that people gain their information and opinions from many more places. Plus we'll also get more funding if we can regulate more people. We will therefore seek to increase the PCC remit to cover all news sources.

"This will include, we anticipate, the full regulation of Blogs, all emailed content including private emails, handwritten notes between spouses and partners, Post-It notes left on a co-workers' desk and that drunken conversation you had with that bloke outside the kebab shop last Saturday night".

Bloggers across the UK have reacted with derision to the PCC proposal. One anonymous blogger, who submits his articles via an anonymous proxy to a non-UK website, said, "fine, let the PCC regulate me. As long as they notify me in writing and in person. Oh, wait, they can't - because they don't know who in the name of arse I am. I could be anyone from anywhere. What are they going to do, sue a pseudonym? Go for it."

A petition has already been started, advising Baroness Buscombe and the PCC to learn how the fucking internet works, you muppets.

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