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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hooray! Promotion!

I can't believe I've done it.

So as of Monday, I'll be a Second-Line Engineer at $WEMANAGESTUFF, having only started as a 1st-line Bob 5 months ago.

The new role was advertised Thursday night and I applied Friday morning, thinking I'd have a week or two to get my snout in the books and make sure I passed the tech interview....then Monday afternoon I get an email with an interview date - Tuesday at 3. Less than 24 hours notice!

Anyway, the night and following morning was spent cramming - 20 out of 23 hours were spent either delving in textbooks, making notes from Wikipedia and and asking questions of anyone who came within range.

By yesterday afternoon I was knackered and ready to either puke or collapse with nerves when my name was called. . .


There was only one technical question I couldn't answer, and only one procedural one I got wrong, which I'm dead chuffed about.

So - as of next Monday, I'm Second Line.

The great thing is that here at $WEMANAGESTUFF, Second Line is a huge leap away from First in terms of activity. While First Line does a lot of problem resolution, the majority of it is directly customer-facing (resetting passwords, setting up Exchange distribution lists, editing AD accounts, that sort of thing). Second Line barely do any of that, instead focusing on our security, switching and mail systems.

So it's no more lusers for me, and fun with Checkpoint, Cisco and Sendmail into the future!