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Monday, November 09, 2009

PM Launches New Education Package

Brown Correspondence Course: "Hand-created training materials".

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to launch a new correspondence-based education package, according to Downing Street sources.

A spokesman for No 10 said, "The Prime Minister is highly committed to improving standards of education at all levels across the country. Therefore, he feels that he has a great deal to offer, and is making his own skills and experience available to the nation with the Gordon Brown Distance Learning Course".

The course is due to be launched in January 2010, and will offer training to subscribers on a range of literacy skills specifically chosen by the Prime Minister and supported by his own hand-created training materials.

While the full prospectus is not yet available, The Diary has obtained the draft list of subjects the Prime Minister will be teaching:

  • Advanced Coalligraphy;
  • Profreading For Benigers;
  • Common Spelling Mistkaes and Who To Avoid Them;
  • Respectful Writing For Mangers;

The Downing Street source said that further literacy courses would be made available over future weeks, once the PM had received a new delivery of Crayolas. The courses will be expanded over 2010 to include numeracy packs, and Downing Street expect that the module 'Money Management 3: Using your Credit Cards to pay off your overdraft' will be highly popular.


Anonymous said...

Nice jokes, good use of humour but seriously - you're turning this handwriting/spelling thing into a personal crusade which it doesnt deserve. The story has little merit itself and is only important for the reasons I and Iain Dale have outlined

Anonymous said...

elearning is a great tool that you can use