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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BREAKING: British Government to be Dissolved

Eurasia is formed.

The British Government is to be abolished with effect from 31 December 2009, it was announced today.

The shock ruling came from the EU Leader Jose Manuel Barroso, immediately after the Lisbon Treaty was ratified by Czech President Vaclav Klaus bringing it into law.

Mr Barroso said, "with the ratification and implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, we are now full-steam-ahead towards our goal of Eurasia a United States of Europe, in accordance with the dreams of those who have tried the project before. Obviously, as this will require central funding and a centralised approach to governance, it is important that we cut costs and deadwood from the European political process".

He added, "our research into deadwood indicated that because the British Government couldn't be bothered to negotiate, didn't give their people a referendum on the Treaty or even have a fully-briefed Europe Minister, they clearly don't feel the need to govern their country.

"Therefore, with effect from 31 December, Great Britain's Government and Parliament will be dissolved and all legislative decisions affecting the country will be taken by the European Parliament".

Mr Barroso added that he expected to introduce the Euro into Britain by mid-2010, and that by 2014 the UK would likely be subsumed into Germany as an administrative district 'for voting purposes'.

When approached for comment, Germany's Angela Merkel was barely able to control her laughter as she said, "if you didn't want to be part of it, you should have voted - oh, you weren't allowed to, were you?".

Soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister Gollum Brown was too busy getting on with the job for comment.

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manwiddicombe said...

The one redeeming fact is that the Lisbon Treaty sets out the way for countries to withdraw from the EU .........

Not that I imagine for a second our government would offer a referendum on such action.