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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A return to normality. . . .

It's been a crazy couple of months...

The lovely G had to change jobs due to redundancy, and I've now moved onto the shift pattern (a week of 7-3 followed by a week of 3-11), and I'm still getting used to it.

What makes it a bit odd for me is that G's new job means stacks of travelling, and at the moment she's kinda on the opposite cycle to me - so she's at home when I'm on lates (meaning I don't see her as she's off to work before I wake up, and I'm gone before she gets back), and she's travelling when I'm on earlies - meaning I just don't see her!

In other news, I'm now the proud owner (finally) of a subnotebook - an IBM X30. It's great, but it would be even better if I could get Ubuntu installed on the bloody thing!

Order a USB CD-ROM drive: check.
Download and burn a bootable ISO of 6.10: check.
Test booting from USB with a 'doze recovery disk: check.
Test booting into Linux on my big laptop: check.

Insert Ubuntu boot CD into USB CD-ROM and reboot. Into Windows.

Ctrl-alt-del. Try again. Check BIOS again. Reboot. Into Windows.

So at the moment, until I can work out why the damn thing won't boot from two different Linux CDs, I'm stuck with XP Pro, heavily stripped and running ObjectDock.

If anyone can offer any suggestions as to a way round this, I'd love to hear them!