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Monday, November 02, 2009

Rebutting David Wilshire MPiggie

Wilshire: Should be wearing an armband declaring 'Greedy, Thieving Bastard'.

Disgraced MP David Wilshire, who was forced to resign after paying over £100,000 in expenses to his own company (utterly within the rules, agreed by the Fees Office, not really a larcenous, mendacious little MPiggie with his snout firmly in the taxpayer trough yada yada yada . . . ) has compared the 'plight' of MPs to that of the Jews under the Nazis.

Money Quote:
“Branding a whole group of people as undesirables led to Hitler’s gas chambers".

Ooookay. I reckon I can keep my rage under control just long enough to respond.

It's a worthy attempt by the Right Dishonourable 'Gentleman' to assume victim status, but even the briefest of examinations reduces his position to risibility.

Under the Nazis, the Jews were forced to wear the yellow star, clearly marking them to the population. Sadly, Members of Parliament are not forced to wear an armband declaring 'Greedy Thieving Bastard'.

Jews were not permitted to own businesses. Mr Wilshire's own clever spot of creative accountancy shows that Members of Parliament can, and do - and that they are extremely clever at milking public money into those personally-owned businesses. One wonders if Mr Wilshire worked as tirelessly at gaining investment for his constituency as he did for his personal accounts.

Under the Nazis, Jews were forced into camps - not paid vast sums from the public purse for a lavishly-decorated second home. Jews were used as slave labour - one would have to be quite spectacularly deluded, completely deranged or a Member of Parliament to see a backbencher's £64,000 salary, gold-plated index-linked Pension fund and cushy directorships as slave labour.

Finally and most damningly, the Jews were hounded, persecuted and exterminated in their millions simply for their religion. The 646 Little Parliamentary Piggies are 'victims' of nothing more than the realisation in the Electorate that they are, largely, grasping avaricious toads with no more worthy aspiration than to live the high life on the money we pay the State.

Mr Wilshire calls the actions of the Telegraph and those who exposed the expenses scandal a 'witch hunt'. It is not. It is the quite justified exposure of the greed of many MPs, who seem to have spent their time in Parliament acting solely in their own interests - sometimes to the detriment of the country (yes, I'm looking at YOU, Caroline Flint).

To compare oneself to the victims of the Holocaust requires not just insensitivity and tactlessness - it requires an arrogance that quite simply beggars belief, and an overinflated sense of importance beyond insanity, much less imagining. Mr Wilshire - if your dishonesty and avarice was insufficient to disbar you from the House, your crass arrogance definitely does.

Those MPs who feel that they are the victims of a Kristallnacht-esque attack should, perhaps, look at their own actions to understand the reasons. The Jews were blameless in the atrocities they suffered - the House of Commons has brought this so-called Holocaust upon themselves.

Mr Wilshire, kindly keep your self-pitying whinges to yourself, stand down sooner rather than later and crawl back under the rock from whence you came. Because I think after comments like these, there will be plenty of people willing to have a whip-round to buy you some Zyklon B.

h/t to Heresy Corner on Twitter for finding this spot of self=delusion.

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