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Friday, November 27, 2009

Health Secretary Attacks 'Malicious' Hospital Report

Basildon University Hospital: 'Ahead of Government Targets'

The Department of Health has reacted angrily to reports from an indendepent regulator that two hospitals in Essex were guilty of a 'catalogue of failings'.

The report, from the Patients Association, highlighted an unusually high death-rate, a lack of help with feeding, a lack of dignity and poor hygiene including blood-spattered kit.

However, the report was dismissed by Health Secretary Andy Burnham, who said, "I do not recognise the content of this report by the Patients Association. The hospital was rated as 'good' by the Quality Care Commission just last month. It is clear that the Patients Association do not understand how intensive and far-reaching the QCC inspections are.

"The original inspection focused on all the key elements required of a modern NHS Trust, and found that Basildon University Hospital, for example, was showing excellence in its Halal LBGT Diversity Sensivity Outreach statistics, along with significantly higher-than-average results in its Managerial Canteen Satisfaction Survey. The QCC also found that Orsett Hospital was well ahead of Government targets in its takeup of Ethnic Minority Car-Parking Facilitators. It's clear from this information that the Patients Association are misguided, not to say malicious, in their slurs against these great institutions".

When asked about a death-rate 30% higher than the national average, bloodstained funiture and mattresses, single-use items being used multiple times and even mould growing on suction machines, Mr Burnham said, "these are not statistics that are valid in a modern National Health Service. What is important is that we have sufficient vague and irrelevant targets for Service Users to misunderstand. However, we are listening and learning lessons, and I will, in the fullness of time, publish a White Paper to recommend the constitution of a committee to discuss the implementation of a new Independent Body to assess methods of evaluating hospital cleanliness. Which is much better than the cuts of the nasty Tories".

The Diary attempted to contact patients at the Basildon & Thurrock NHS Trust, but unfortunately they were too dead to comment.

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