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Monday, January 05, 2009

Fit - But Thick

A quick follow-up to my last post.

Obviously, our Dear and Glorious Leaders, may they reign for a thousand years, have decided that we should eat only those foods they deem healthy, and exercise more to ensure we are sufficiently fit to remain in work for longer (reducing pension and disability payments).

Sadly it appears that they don't wish us to improve our mental facilities.

Take a look at the above screenshot taken from the advertisement.

The Apostrophe Protection Society has been informed.

$DEITY, how did we end up with such a bunch of morons in Government?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you mean Gordon Brown and the cabinet actually DRAW the animations and text on this advert? No wonder the economy has gone to the dogs.

Dungeekin said...

Of course they didn't draw and animate it - but surely, surely somebody in the 'Cabinet of all the twats' must have WATCHED it to approve it prior to launch?

Or is that too much to expect?


Anonymous said...

and the more important point. Dinosaurs did not exist at the time of man. But hey true stories and facts with this govt eh ?

banned said...

At 1:01 there is a 'lost cat' poster on the railings. This is illegal fly posting and anti-social behaviour that some local authorities see fit to prosecute people for.

Anonymous said...

"$DEITY, how did we end up with such a bunch of morons in Government?"

easy, morons voted for them.