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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brook Axed as Talent Show Judge

Model and 'actress' Kelly Brook has been axed from her new role as a judge on TV drivel Britain's Got Talent - after just six days in the job.

Miss Brook, 29, who shot to fame for her performance in. . . in. . . er. . . who shot to fame somehow, was hired as a fourth judge on the show alongside Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden - but was voted off by the other judges in short order.

Simon Cowell said, "the show is called Britain's Got Talent, so obviously it's important that the judges have talent - mine, of course, is making money by recycling the same tired format but giving it a different name. However, the judges were unable to find even the slightest vestige of talent in Kelly, so she's not going through to the next round".

Former gutter journalist Morgan added, "she was utter rubbish. I'd sooner see a tone-deaf granny with a dodgy bladder than endure any more of Kelly's 'judging' efforts. She's out".

Ms Brook's agent contradicted the comments of the judges, instead claiming that Kelly was forced to leave due to scheduling conflicts - she is apparently due to open a 7-11 in Scunthorpe next month, and 'needs time to rehearse'.

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