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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Labourlist - Posting without Prior Proofing?

Well done Derek Draper of Labourlist, who announced the new 'Hope Not Hate' campaign on Labourlist a short while ago. He trumpeted the same on Twitter.

See the screenshot above - enlarge it to see the sheer genius of Labialist once more.

Nice one Derek. Hate Not Hope?

Hope your campaigning's better than your proofreading. You're not sending a good message about the competence of this Goonvernment, Sir!


Anonymous said...

Nothing to worry about, It was just a Freudian slip

Old Holborn said...

Just sent Dolly an Email

Glad to see you've corrected the Freudian Slip.

Luckily, the blogosphere has a copy

you stupid twat.

CC: Mandlebum;Guido;Dale;Prescott;Dizzy

banned said...

The three regions they are worried about just happen to have what is left of our manufacturing industry ( and lots of migrants ), the piece appears to be about to moan about proportional representation allowing the BNP a possible way in.
Who was it that fixed PR ?