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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dungeekin Minor's Quote of the Month

I should explain. Firstly, please permit me to introduce Beetle, 9 weeks old and the latest arrival at Dungeekin Towers.

Now, I have a game I play with Dungeekin Minor when he stays with us at weekends - with much growling, I tell him I'm going to 'eat his ears'. Cue screaming, laughter and chasing around the living room.

Anyway, we collected the boys on Friday and, as you can imagine, both dog and toddler were utterly smitten with each other on first sight. Minor plonked himself on the floor (first mistake) and Beetle, seeing a playmate of similar maturity, insisted on playing - and before we could get him under control, leaped up and had a nip at the dangly things on the side of Minor's head.

Thankfully no blood was shed, but Minor was a bit surprised and shocked by the whole experience. He turned to The Darling G and I and, bottom lip a-quiver, said:

"But....but...only Daddy's allowed to eat my ears!"

Little boys and puppies - the perfect combination.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beetle. You are my new favourite thing.

More photos please :D