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Saturday, January 24, 2009

She Wants A Database? Let's Give Her One.

Above: Jacqui Smith before the surgery

We all know the Brown Regime and Laventiy Beria's Jacqui Smith's KGB would like a database. Actually, they'd like several databases, which one day will blend into a single source of information worthy of Minitrue.

They want our data, our faces on CCTV, our DNA, our health records. They want everything. And we also know that in their lickspittle toadying to the EUSSR, they especially want a database of ALL our emails.

So - let's give Ms Beria what she wants.

Emails. Lots and lots of emails.

I urge you to sign up to the Facebook group: 'cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith Day'. Sign up, pledge - and on the (as-yet unspecified) day, send every single email you receive to

I think this is an amazingly good idea - I'm setting up a number of disposal Webmail accounts and signing up to several somewhat dubious mailing lists, just to ensure I have plenty of material to send the worthy lady. Remember - that's

Jacqui Beria would LOVE a database of emails. Let's give her some.

(h/t The Lone Voice.)


Ampers said...

As I said in one of my blogs, all we have to do is to create two new hotmail/yahoo/google accounts and reply to every spam we get with these addresses. We can set up a filter on all two accounts to hold email for seven days and then delete it automatically. We never have to go into these two accounts to read the rubbish there.

Guessing that there are about 40,000,000 email accounts in Britain, that would be 80,000,000 email accounts with a lot of traffic the government would have to store and trawl through.

And once we had set up the accounts and created the filters, that would be all we would have to do.

Tap tap, job done.

Fidothedog said...

I like that idea, shall be setting up a new jacqui smith account on hotmail, just for her :-)

banned said...

Ampers, How does that work ?
You set up those acoounts and then what, put them, and their passwords in the bloggospher domain so that we can all access them for that purpose ?

Btw, is this sedition ? Fantastic !

" Let's give her one ", frankly I'd rather shag an old sandal from a skip. I want her and the sisterhood to stop saying " I think this" " I think that " "Let's look at it this way " as though addressing a classroom of infants.