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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tesco Opticians

Dear Tesco Opticians

I thought I was getting old.

I thought that when I bought my glasses from you a year ago that the stronger prescription was merely taking a little while to become accustomed to.

However, since switching to your glasses full-time six months ago, I've felt my eyes getting progressively more tired. So today, I took myself to Vision Express (have you heard of them? They're a decent optician) to get re-tested. Turns out that 12 months ago I needed a prescription 0.5 diopters stronger than my previous one.

I now need 1.5 diopters more.

So, Tesco Opticians, would you care to explain to me how my Tesco Opticians spectacles are actually 0.5 diopters weaker than my 2 year old prescription? In other words, a full diopter weaker than YOU prescribed?

Absolutely perfect, chaps. You didn't screw them up enough for it immediately to be noticeable - just enough to damage my eyesight when used on a daily basis. I'm impressed. I thought I was aging, when in fact I was merely tiring my eyes out. You complete, utter, spectacularly crap spectacle makers.

Please set yourselves on fire. I would set you on fire myself, but I'm too blind to see the matches.



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