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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Millions Descend on Washington

Over a million Americans are today pouring into the nation's capital, Washington DC, to witness the premier of the new Will Smith blockbuster.

A three-square-mile exclusion zone has been set up around the Capitol Cinema, and security is tight as the crowds gather to see Smith, 67, in his latest ground-breaking role.

A spokesman for the event organisers, Presidential Presentations PLC, said that over 600,000 people had bought tickets to the Gala Premier, with some paying up to $100,000 for VIP tickets and the after-show parties.

The eagerly-awaited movie, 'The Fresh President', features Smith taking the Inauguration Ceremony and becoming the first African-American President of the United States. He solves world crises by learning from his own mistakes and the sage advice of his Chief of Staff Geoffrey, and wows foreign statesmen with his rap stylin' skills and bustin' moves.

Smith was unavailable for comment, but his co-star Joe Biden said, "this is going to be an amazing movie - a box-office sensation. I am honoured to be working with Will, even if it means most people won't have a clue who I am".

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