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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winslet Nominated for Further Award

British actress Kate Winslet's extraordinary run of success has continued today, with her nomination for yet another prestigious award.

The British Luvvies Foundation today nominated Ms Winslet, 33, for 'Best Breathlessness in an Awards Acceptance Speech', following her exceptional performance in the Golden Globes.

Ms Winslet's tour de force as a hyperventilatory winner has been applauded by the critics, with Derek Malcolm of the Evening Standard describing it as 'a triumph of emphysematous excellence'.

A spokesman for Ms Winslet said, "Kate is ecstatic to be nominated for this award by the BLF. She is looking forward to the ceremony, when she plans to raise the bar for awards winners everywhere with a bravura performance of wheezing - culminating in her giving her acceptance speech from the back of an ambulance while on a ventilator.

"Kate's nomination for this award shows that the British Luvvie Industry is still producing the best-quality overreactions in the world. Emma Thompson wasn't a fluke".

(Published in 'The Tart', 15 January 2009).

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Anonymous said...

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