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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shock at Breach of PMQ's Protocol

There was uproar in the House of Commons a few moments ago, following what has been described as an 'unprecedented breach' of Parliamentary protocol during today's Prime Minister's Questions.

To uproar in the chamber, Prime Mentalist Gordon Brown was heard to respond to a question from Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg with a direct answer.

At 1217 Mr Clegg asked if it was right that non-UK domiciled peers should not pay their full taxes. Mr Brown replied: "Of course, it's not."

There was shock, amazement and outrage in the Commons at Brown's first straight answer since his ascension to the premiership in June 2007. The Speaker struggled to regain order amidst the noise, and it has been reported that several of the older MPs needed cardiac treatment.

A Conservative spokesman said, "this is an unprecedented breach of accepted Parliamentary procedure. Since 2007, Questions has followed a predictable format - the Leader of the Opposition asks a question, the Prime Minister then waffles, repeats himself and spouts unrelated drivel before making spurious and unfounded attacks on the Opposition".

He added, "this sets a dangerous precedent, and we will be seeking clarification on the matter".

A spokesman for the Prime Minister apologised for his comments, and sought to reassure the public that the Prime Minister's answer was an isolated incident that would not happen again.

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