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Friday, January 23, 2009

Iceland's Prime Minister Resigns

Geir Haarde, the embattled Prime Minister of Iceland, has announced his resignation following demonstrations in protest at the recent financial crisis and the continuing use of Kerry Katona.

Iceland has been facing riots and civil disturbances over the financial crisis, with many protesting at paying large sums of money to an overweight, drug-addled Z-list celeb to pimp cheapo frozen food. The problem came to a head in late 2008 when it was revealed that many UK Councils had also paid money to Iceland, and that the money had been squandered in massive payments to keep Katona in cigarettes, vodka and pies.

Demonstrators have now been outside Icelands head office for several days, pelting Haarde and anyone who comes within range with foodstuffs including bread rolls (just £0.49, buy one get one free) and party-food packs ( only £5.00! Got a fiver? Got a party!) in protest at the actions of the Iceland leadership.

Ms Katona was unavailable for comment, as she was in the Priory. Again.


banned said...

Comment from the Icelandic riot police " at the moment they are just being noisy and throwing snowballs; we will be cool and try not to arrest anybody " ( telegraph )

Community Policing in action.

Ampers said...

Does this mean Gordon is next?

Come up! Come up! Bag of Rotten Eggs, Rotten Tomatoes and the odd AK47 at a tenner a bag...

idle said...

Keir Hardie retiring? Whatever next?

When Brown is beatenin 2010, his concession speech will be a collector's item, I'll bet. Not a shred of contrition or apology, trumpeting a sanitised version of his appalling cv of the past 13 years, being mean-minded and critical of the victors.