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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Virgin Announces New Holiday Destination

Virgin Holidays, the travel company fronted by bearded adrenalin-junkie Richard Branson, has added a new destination to its Summer Travel brochure - Antarctica.

Following revelations that Antarctica is warming up, Virgin Holidays are adding trips to the Wilkins Ice Shelf to their Summer Luxury brochure, in the expectation that travellers will one day be able to gain a tan while lounging among sunburned penguins.

Branson, who skydived into the press launch wearing nothing but a red Virgin toga, said of the launch, "Virgin has a history of being the first to launch new holiday destinations. I know the average Antarctic temperature is -50C now, but at current rates of warming we've established that Antarctica will be a balmy 20C in just six thousand years".

He added, "It may sound unrealistic now, but we managed to sell Virgin Galactic trips, which proves that the punters will cough up for anything with a Virgin logo!"

An Emperor Penguin contacted by this correspondent declined to comment.


Linda said...

"Wearing nothing but a red toga" Uggh, I've only just eaten. Too much info, thank you.

He'll be running trips around mental asylums soon - like the Victorians used too for a bit of light hearted relief!

Bill Quango MP said...

Ryan Air to offer cheaper flights trips to "Antarctica East airport" which is in fact in the Falklands.