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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's a Bit Parky. . .

Dear BBC Weather.

I appreciate that it's a little nippy outside. But please, please, would you get a grip on your hyperbole?

BBC Headline: 'Warnings Issued Amid Arctic Chill'.

Let's just put that into perspective. Last night saw a low in the UK of -10 Degrees Centigrade. Cold, surely - but right now in Svalbard, Norway (which is actually IN the Arctic) it's -29 Degrees Centigrade.

Given a 19-degree differential between us and the Arctic, does that mean that when the mercury hits a dizzy +10 the media will be blathering about tropical heat? Somehow I think not.

It's a bit chilly. You can offset this by wearing an additional thick layer of clothing - I like to call this 'a coat'. But it's not the End of Days, we're not entering a new Ice Age. We're unlikely to see Woolly Mammoths wandering up Oxford High Street.

Please be more moderate in your reporting, or I will be forced to make you considerably warmer by setting you on fire.

Love and kisses



Anonymous said...

Now I want to go to Oxford High Street to look for Woolly Mammoth

Hedgewytch said...

LOL My immediate thought was.."why can't we have Woolly Mammoth's in Oxford st? It would clear the way of Tourists so we can shop"

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Sod that, it's arctic out there! :o)

Dungeekin said...

All the more reason to set the BBC on fire, Obo!


Anonymous said...

I think it's because the cold front is coming to us from the Arctic :o

John M Ward said...

I agree that it isn't all that cold out there. Admittedly I'm staying inside until the snow melts, but that's only because I am not very good on slippery surfaces.

Once it's gone, no matter what actual temperature it is, I'll be out there again. If I am paying attention, I might even remember to take a coat...

banned said...

Every year the Met Office predicts a range of possibilities for the coming winter and every year the media, including the BBC, latch onto the worst, most exiting, one.

If this is the 'worst winter for thirty years' I for one am not impressed. I have had to defrost my car windscreen ( 07.30am starts ) 4 times thus far and only once felt the need to wear a pullover for my evening walk to the pub.

My weather prediction for each day of the following year is Might rain, Probably won't.

Anonymous said...

I think the last Woolies Mammoth closed yesterday.