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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TfL Launch New Enforcement Unit

A TfL ticket inspector models his new uniform.

Transport for London have launched a new team of Ticket Enforcement staff to deal with 'serious offences' on the London train, Tube and bus networks.

The announcement was made after it was revealed that TfL Enforcers have the right to dispense summary justice, such as the imposition of community service, for egregious offences such as possession of a scratched Oyster Card.

TfL spokesman John Wagner said, "the fight against crime on Mega-City One London's transport network is never-ending, and we must act strongly against any and all transgressors, especially 11-year old girls. Our new unit of TfL Judges will administer swift and certain justice to those who offend against the rules of the Transport Network. They Are The Law."

Mr Wagner said that at present, transport criminals could expect lenient sentences such as six hours community service for possession of a damaged Oyster Card, or amputation for putting feet on seats. However, he added that the consultation process to issue judges with Lawgivers was ongoing, and that TfL expected to be granted the right to summary execution for fare-dodging and smoking in prohibited areas.

Boris Johnson was unavailable for comment.

h/t to Al Jahom.

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1 comment:

Jock Coats said...

A truly excellent example of a private law system at work...:-) Who needs state police and courts!