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Monday, February 22, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Senior Source Confirms PM Bullying Allegations

Brown: "Give me your dinner money, or I'll give you a Chinese Burn"

A member of Prime Minister Gordon 'Colostomy' Brown's senior circle has broken ranks this morning to confirm recent allegations that the Prime Minister has bullied members of staff.

The shock revelations came in the wake of a television interview with the PM where he denied hitting anyone, and further denials made by Minister for Machiavellian Machinations Lord Fondlebum of Fey.

Lord Fondlebum said, "these allegations are unfounded, ridiculous and totally untrue, darling. The Prime Minister's a lovely, kind soul who has never struck anyone in his life - why would he have henchmen like Damian McBride and Johnny Prescott and hit people himself? It's a silly thought."

However, the vehement denials have been undermined by a source close to the PM, who has confirmed that frequent acts of bullying DID take place.

The source, who did not want to be named and was identified only as 'A.D.', spoke exclusively to The Diary about his experiences with the PM, who he described as 'brutal'.

AD said, "the abuse started in June 2007, when I took a senior post close to Gordon. At first it started small - the odd derogatory remark about my eyebrows appearance - and I took it as ribbing. But as time went on his temper just got worse and worse. He would fly off the handle for the smallest thing, shouting and swearing, calling me vile names and throwing whatever came to hand. He'd get so angry that sometimes he'd lose bladder control, which just made him even more irate. On one occasion, after I'd been caught out over a tax announcement, he beat me with my Red Box until I was cowering, sobbing, in the corner of the Cabinet Office. It was awful."

Asked why he had not come forward or escaped the environment earlier, AD said, "he made it clear that our futures depended on him, and as we'd all followed him up after he'd forced Blair to resign with a vicious Chinese Burn we knew he was right. Plus he said it was all our fault - if we just lived up to his standards and expectations, he wouldn't have to get angry with us. He said he only does it because he loves us."

Lord Fondlebum's denials were further undermined by the National Bullying Helpline, who went public to say that several calls had been made to the helpline in recent years. Christine Pratt, of the NBH, said that she had been motivated to come forward because, "people are being bullied not just into calling us, but also into silence. Plus, Brown and Fondlebum are lying gits."

h/t Brennig Jones for the original link.

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