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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PM 'Bananas' Over Robin Hood Tax

Cabinet members at a recent meeting. Gordon Brown is at the extreme right.

Cabinet Office sources have hinted that Prime Minister Gollum Brown is planning to move the seat of Government from London to Nottingham, as part of his support for the concept of a 'Robin Hood Tax' on financial transactions.

A campaign for the tax, which was floated by the PM at a meeting of G20 financial leaders in Scotland last year, was launched today and is fronted by nearly 50 organisations including charities, unions and green groups.

A source close to the PM said, "it's the PM's latest obsession, and he's gone completely bananas over the idea.

"He's decided that the Robin Hood tax is the relaunch the Party needs - robbing from the rich and giving to Quangos the poor. He's demanding that Alistair Darling's job be renamed 'Sherriff', he's absolutely insistent that Cabinet meetings should in future be held at the Major Oak, he's started wearing green all the time and he now keeps practising archery in the State Dining Room. Still, at least evading arrows makes a change from dodging thrown Nokias."

The source added, "in all honesty, though, we're not sure if the PM likes the idea of being Robin Hood - or if it's just an excuse to wear pantyhose more often."

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