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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gordon Brown to 'Offer Britain F All'

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has unveiled the Labour Party's slogan and themes for the upcoming General Election, expected in May.

Mr Brown and the Labour Party are campaigning for an unprecedented fourth term in office.

SPeaking to a meeting of the Party failthful*, and to rapture from the crowd, the PM said that the party would campaign the general election on a platform of 'A Future Fair For All'.

Mr Brown said, "this slogan is a symbol of what has drived and defined the Labour Party. A Future Fair For All - or, for ease, 'F All' - must be our battle cry.

"In 1997, though we did not articulate it, we were bringing the British Electorate 'F All'. In thirteen years we have consistently delivered 'F All'. Our policies are introduced with 'F All' in mind, and given 'F All' thought."

To a rising crescendo of applause from the assembled drones supporters, Mr Brown said, "so I urge you to take 'F All' out to the streets, to your constituencies. The British people need to know and understand we promise 'F All' and that a vote for us is five more years of 'F All'!"

The British PUblic acknowledged the Prime Minister's speech and said that they were perfectly aware that Labour and Gordon Brown offered F all.

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Henry North London 2.0 said...

Utopia here we come

Ashley Giles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Giles said...

Use the term 'British public' loosely. You are really referring to the Conservative Party who only represent the minority. (And let's be honest, they don't even do that very well.)