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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Israel & Palestine to Hold Historic Sports Event

Israel's National Tennis Team arrive at their latest event.

The first tentative steps in a detente between Israel and Palestine were taken today, following the announcement of the first sporting competition between the two nations.

In an attempt to reduce the long-standing tensions between the two countries, Israeli and Palestinian governments have agreed to hold the event in a neutral country, with joint media coverage from both nations. Rumours that the winner will get the West Bank remain unconfirmed.

The announcement was made by the Head of Mossad Minister for Sport Meir Dagan, who said, "it is time for sporting prowess to take the place of violence, so the two nations can settle their differences on the sports field rather than the battlefield.

"Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we are to host the first Annual Intifada Tennis Championships, to be held in Dubai next month. Our 11-man team will be arriving there shortly."

Mr Dagan said that he sincerely hoped all the senior members of Palestine's Hamas-led government would visit Dubai to attend the championships, and added that Israel would be happy to pay for the cost of all hotel accommodation.

The Governments of Britain, Ireland, Germany and France have welcomed the announcement of the event, and have confirmed that they will be making passports available to the Israeli agents players as required.

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