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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PM Denies Darling 'Dogs Of Hell' Charge

Gordon Brown has angrily denied ordering 'the forces of hell' to be unleashed on Alistair Darling when he predicted the Recession would be worse than expected.

In an interview with Sky News' Jeff Randall, the chancellor said No10 aides unleashed 'the forces of hell' on him when he predicted the recession would be worse than expected in 2008.

But the Prime Minister has responded by insisting, "I was never part of anything to do with this. I would never instruct anyone to do anything other than support my Chancellor."

Mr Brown fought back rage tears as he added, "this is all a misunderstanding. I remember that in 2008 I was reading a biography of Henry II and, because of my eyesight, I was reading out loud. Somebody must have heard me and, when I said 'will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?' misinterpreted that as an instruction. Obviously I can't be held responsible. It wasn't me, and I'll set Prescott on anyone who says it was. Oh, bugger. Don't print that bit."

Critics of the PM have pointed out that as, so far, the Recession wasn't his fault, the National Debt is the fault of the bankers, the bullying allegations were nothing to do with him, the military budget shortages weren't his decision and now a smear campaign by his two most-loyal henchmen wasn't at his instruction, perhaps Mr Brown would like to point out any single thing that he actually DOES take responsibility for?

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