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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Met Commissioner 'Disappointed' by Dizaei Conduct

COmmander Ali: "I'm gonna fitchoo up good, braa, yeah? Innit"

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson has spoken of his 'disappointment' with the actions of disgraced Commander Ali Dizaei, who was jailed for four years yesterday.

Dizaei became the highest-ranking officer to be convicted of an offence in 33 years yesterday, when a jury took just ten minutes to convict him of misconduct and perverting the cause of justice. Dizaei assaulted, falsely arrested and attempted to falsify charges against Waad al-Baghdadi in a dispute over a £600 website design bill.

Speaking from his Masonic Lodge, Sir Paul said, "I am disappointed and disgusted by the actions of Dizaei, which brings the whole Force into disrepute.

"A man of his seniority and experience within the Metropolitan Police should have done a much better job of fitting-up some civilian scrote. Couldn't he just have 'discovered' some smack or something? Or at least give him a backpack and let it be known he's a Brazilian electrician.

"I mean, it's Hendon 101 stuff. If he can't do the sort of frame-up job we'd expect from a lowly Constable, he's not worthy of the Commander's uniform. Now he's been caught making basic mistakes, people are likely to realise just how little we actually investigated all the other allegations against him. But don't print that, or you might find yourself wanted for child porn, if you catch my drift."

As Dizaei began his sentence the National Black Police Association condemned the conviction and announced they would be supporting the disgraced officer's appeal, saying, "this is a vile miscarriage of justice, just coz he is black."

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