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Friday, February 26, 2010

Report Demands Action on Child Sexualisation

A tragic example of over-sexualisation in children.

A report published today for the Home Office has highlighted serious concerns about the sexualisation of children, and called for strong action to turn back the tide of damage reportedly being caused by images and messages in advertising, games, music and print media.

The report, by Dr Linda Papadopoulos, says that there is a clear link between sexualised imagery and violence towards females. Children were being exposed to the imagery through the growth of lads' mags, music videos and big-name fashion brands. The result, she said, was that boys were fixating on being macho and dominant, while girls in turn presented themselves as sexually available and permissive.

Dr Papadopolous said, "sexualisation must be accepted as harmful, and we must do something about it. Won't somebody please think of the children?"

The report conducted exhaustive research into the issue of child sexualisation, with Dr Papadopoulos surveying childcare experts, Government lobbyists, Internet censorship pressure groups and Guardian readers.

She strongly rejected suggestions that the best way to deal with the problem was responsible parents teaching their kids by good example and instilling self-esteem, saying, "it's a ridiculous idea. Everyone knows that the only people who are responsible enough to raise children properly are Government, and people who write books about raising children. Nobody else knows anything."

Dr Papadopoulos has made 36 recommendations, including the banning of all music, video games and advertising which may be viewed by children. She said, "while this may seem draconian, we cannot guarantee that music and games which may be intended for an audience of older teenagers will not be viewed by younger children - and we have to think of the children."

The report has also recommended the removal of all sexualised images from the Internet, and the blocking of any site which supports anything other than a Government-defined positive body image. When advised that this would require a massive degree of censorship, Dr Papadopoulos insisted that it was necessary to protect the children.

Dr Papadopoulos also called for the banning of older brothers, saying, "our research shows that young boys may gain access to adult material possessed by an older sibling. Therefore, it is right that this access be banned by the removal of potentially-harmful older male influences from the home."

Reports that the underwear section of the Littlewoods catalogue - where many boys of a certain age made their first tentative discoveries of the female form - is also to be banned, remain unconfirmed.

The Government has welcomed the report, saying that they were considering further legislation to protect children including the banning of all adult contact with children and restrictions on clothing. A spokesman for the Ministry of Childrun, Edyucayshun & Famblies said that representations on child protection from Taliban, Amish and 17th-Century Puritan groups were being considered as part of a wider consultation exercise.

Minister for Misandry Harridan Harperson also welcomed the report, saying, "anything that takes responsibility away from parents and into the hands of Government legislation is a good thing. And anyway, I know it's all the fault of males. These initial recommendations will do until we can find a way to ban teenage boys completely."

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Macheath said...

You forgot to include Dr Papadopolous' credentials:

She is a familiar face on British and American reality television series, such as Big Brother, Double Cross, My Big Breasts and Me (UK documentary), Celebrity Fit Club and the BBC News.

Sadly, I think that's almost beyond satire.

patently said...

Well, it's a good start.

But will it go far enough? We must, after all, think of the children.

manwiddicombe said...

Is everyone else as shocked as me that a report funded by the government, initiated by Jacqui Smith of all people, should produce the results it did?

Brennig said...

People are stupid. Parents are stupid. In the UK we breed the best stupid parents in the world (except the USA, obv).

However Government intervention in parenting is totally unacceptable. The thought of someone with an NVQ in Clipboard Management having a say in what I deem to be good for my offspring to watch/learn from is risible.

Therefore we should continue to breed the most stupid parents in the world. Except the USA, obv.