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Friday, March 27, 2009

Jackson Auction to Go Ahead

Jackson last week, auctioning his spare fingers.

A planned auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia will still go ahead, despite the singer taking legal action in an attempt to prevent it.

The singer filed suit against Julien's Auction House in Los Angeles last month, claiming that the auctioneers had 'effectively stolen his property'. However, auction-house owner Darren Julien claimed that Jackson knew about the planned sale, and had even approved a press release about it.

The five-day auction, which is due to take place from 21 April in Beverly Hills, is expected to fetch up to $20m (£13.9m). The sale has over 100 lots consisting of spare body parts from Jackson's life and career, including over 30 of the star's noses, including the one he wore in his 1983 'Billie Jean' video. Some are expected to reach over $30,000 - however Jackson's original nose is not for sale, having sadly been lost some fifteen years ago in an unfortunate chimp-related incident.

However, the star lot is anticipated to be the entertainer's first penis, which the auction-house described as 'barely-used' and is rumoured to still be black.

Jackson, 50, has recently announced a new contract with the O2 Arena.

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Hedgewytch said...

Surely all this stuff was reclaimed by the bailiffs and no longer Jackson's property