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Friday, March 27, 2009


We're nearly at the Endgame. It's coming. And the Regime are about to win.

Today's papers are full of the warnings - impending mayhem from 'anarchists' and 'anti-capitalists', devastating the City of London, placing lives and property at risk. Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson warns of 'unprecedented' levels of protest.

The Today Programme was interviewing City workers, stoking up the fear, building on the dire warnings previously issued by the Government. This is worrying. For this is precisely what the Regime want.

It won't take much. Like a wildfire igniting in tinder-dry brush, it will only take one spark. One police officer gets a bit over-enthusiastic and thumps a protester. One protester throws a bottle. That's all it'll take.

How difficult would it be for the Regime to have a few 'rent-a-goons' in the crowd, inciting physical action? A few would be all they'd need - once it starts, in an excited and angry crowd, it would not easily be stopped.

And, once the riot starts, the Regime have their excuse for the Civil Contingencies Act.

Note also that most reports, especially Pravda, spin the protesters as 'anarchists' and 'anti-capitalists', conveniently ignoring the fact that some of the planned protests are being organised by the TUC, and many will contain ordinary people, angry at the wanton destruction of their jobs, their savings and their future by this despotic, incompetent and corrupt Regime.

If you're an ordinary person, like me, who simply sees the scale of the economic waste and despairs, who sees the ever-more-intrusive surveillance, the demolition of civil liberties, the spiralling crime, the failing Justice system, the collapsing, murderous NHS and the bulging wallets of the nomenklatura, and wants to weep for the country he served for seven years, you may wish to join the protests. And you will be labelled an anarchist. A subversive. Lumped with those who 'incite hate', spun and marginalised, and subsequently ignored.

Which brings me neatly back to the thrust of this post. The endgame is here, and the Government are going to win. We've been outmanoeuvred, out-thought and outplayed, and it's checkmate.

If there are no protests - the Regime will claim support and carry on down their destructive path, making the UK into Europe's Zimbabwe.

If there are peaceful protests - the Regime will spin a story of anarchists and anti-capitalists, ignoring the Everyman who is simply protesting for his livelihood. And once Everyman is marginalised, they will carry on down their destructive path, making the UK into Europe's Zimbabwe.

If there are riots - the Regime will invoke the Civil Contingencies Act. Democracy dies with it. And they will carry on down their destructive path, making the UK into Europe's Zimbabwe.

The Endgame is coming. It starts next week - and, sadly, I don't think there's anything left we can do about it.


Old Holborn said...

They can only rule us with OUR consent.

Ask any prison guvnor or indeed, any dictator.

When we no longer play their game, the game is up.

General strikes ALWAYS work. They have NEVER failed. EVER. You cannot force an air traffic controller to work at gunpoint.

Danny said...

where can I get one of those riot suits from...

would make particularly good bike riding gear!

Anonymous said...

The police need to be made to feel uneasy.

The police are very big on "one for all" - an assault on one of them is an assault on them all, and quite rightly so.

Our child-porn loving heroes get all upset when that ethos is turned on its head - i.e. an assault by one police officer is an assault by any police officer.

"That's not fair", they cry like the shit-arsed babies that they are.

If they aren't brave enough to show their faces or their collar numbers, what do they expect?

What I advocate is if the police crack skulls, its fine to crack the skull of a brother officer - one for all.

Someone needs to start leaking home addresses of police - they often live in close proximity to each other, well away from their home force. Its easy to understand why they do this.

I have one or two addresses of police officers that have upset me during my adult life - for instance I was arrested by a WPC 10 years ago and subjected to sexual humiliation by her and a colleague in the police station.

10 years on, this WPC is now a Sgt, married to a fellow officer in the same force and has a young child. This woman has no idea of my enduring animosity towards her - I never made a complaint, preferring instead to play the long game.

She and her family won't know what's hit them when their address gets leaked sometime in the summer, after her colleagues have killed a few people.

The death of a police family is a statistic but if more people start doing this the police will realise they are accountable to the public after all.

Dungeekin said...


Your comment is repellent and wrong, and goes against what I stand for.

I utterly refute it - and it's only because I believe in free speech that I'm allowing it to remain in my Comments.

Should you wish to advocate violence against Police officers in future, I would ask you to do so elsewhere.


banned said...

Once the balloon goes up and the country collapes into an anarcho-facist warzone I will make my way to Castle Drogo in Devon. As it is a National Trust property it belongs to me and possibly you.

Set in rolling acres of productive farmland, remote and easily defended, it has a bio-mass boiler for heat ( ie it burns wood ) and has recently recommissioned its original water driven mini hydro-elecric generator.
I and those who may choose to join me might survive for a while until the ravening hordes from benighted urban wastelands descend upon us.