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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Letter to Myself

Dear Self

So many times, you've mocked stupidity and the actions of lusers - ill-considered actions, dumb questions, staggering cretinosity, idiocy worthy of a Darwin Award.

And yet, today, you have managed to achieve your own act of spectacular stupidity that you, too, are worthy of The Wrath of Dungeekin.

I know that 0715 is early. I know that you're busy, and harried, and there's a lot going on. And given that the potential buyer is coming to test-drive the Vectra this afternoon, it was with the best of intentions that you thought to take it to the garage and put some fuel in it.

In retrospect, however, it might have been worth remembering you weren't in The Silver Beast - you were in a diesel Vectra. 8 litres of unleaded does not improve the running of a diesel engine.

(Cue phone call to The Darling G, phone call to local garage, purchase of towing cable, towage of Vectra to garage, signing of job sheet and pending Credit Card Ouch.)

So that's you, Dungeekin, guilty of being a Distracted Dunce and performing an act of monumental moronity worthy of the myriad lusers you so despise. Nice one.

You know the drill. You know what the punishment is for incurring The Wrath. Self-immolation is the only possible punishment. Please, therefore, set yourself on fire.

Love and kisses



Sim-O said...

Just goes to show, you're only human after all.

Isn't the moment of realisation horrible?

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear boy. You should be thankful you took the liberty to make your own points about it otherwise you may have been inundated.

You thankfully took the initiative to Blog then Twitter rather than the other way round... You may well have found yourself being twitted in the face :-)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you didn't turn the engine over. A lot more expensive once the fuel gets into the engine.

Sympathies to the credit card.

Brennig said...

Oh. I've done that too. It is an unbelievably easy mistake to make given the wrong set of circumstances.

BTW, the week before you advertised your Vectra I bought an identical model, year, mileage, to replace my dead vehicle.