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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Max Clifford to Sue Liam Neeson

Tabloid publicist Max Clifford has today announced that he is to sue the estate of Natasha Richardson, tragically killed yesterday in a skiing accident.

In a statement released through his solicitors Frameup, Chasem & Ambulance, Mr Clifford stated that the legal action was to compensate him for loss of earnings after Ms Richardsons' death denied him the front pages of the tabloids.

Mr Clifford said, "It's disgusting, quite frankly. I know that Natasha Richardson was an attractive, warm, genuinely talented award-winning actress, and part of a theatrical dynasty. I know that she's been married to another extremely talented actor for years, and managed to stay out of the headlines. But I've got Jade Goody, and I have to work with the material I'm given - so I want compensation for her inconsiderate act while I'm in the middle of trying to milk this cash-cow".

'OK' Magazine have confirmed that they are not to produce an Obituary edition for Ms Richardson, because she's actually dead and they can't get photos and interviews of a corpse.

In a separate but related development, Jade Goody today harangued reporters in a telephone conference from her sickbed, screaming, "look at me! I'm dying! Me! Look at me!".

Liam Neeson and the extended Redgrave family have declined to comment, as they have more dignity.


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