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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UK Terror Threat Rises

The shadowy 'Mister Brown', the world's most dangerous 'economic terrorist'.

The threat to the UK from terrorist groups has increased, according to a new report on counter-terrorism published today.

The report said that it had become easier than ever before for such groups to create a “dirty bomb” which could cause widespread deadly contamination.

However, it acknowledged that while there is a 'slightly increased risk' of a physical terror attack on the UK Mainland, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre added that the gravest danger to UK National Security is 'fiscal terrorism'.

Terror analyst and author of the report, I. E. D. Findah, said, "our research indicates that there is a significant risk of fiscal terrorism, whereby the national economy is attacked and damaged in order to allow the terrorists to achieve their goal of ultimate, lasting control and power".

Mr Findah pointed to the work of a 'dangerous cabal of economic terrorists', known to intelligence agencies as Al Liebore, and led by a mysterious fundamentalist known only as 'Mister Brown'. According to the report, this organisation has already dealt the economy significant blows including the decimation of UK Gold Reserves, the collapse of Sterling, the nationalisation of the UK banking industry, rising and uncontrollable debt and impending hyperinflation.

He added, "however, Al Liebore's most stunning coup to date was their 1997 attack on pension funds, which has resulted in massive damage to the pockets, incomes and welfare of millions of Britons.

'Mister Brown', who styles himself 'The Saviour of the World' and whose true identity and affiliations remain a mystery, is now the UK's most wanted man, and is believed to be in hiding in South America.

A spokesman for the Home Office refused to comment on Mr Findah's reports, saying only that it was a matter of National Security. However, the spokesman did add that he was confident the provisions within the Civil Contingencies Act would ensure that nobody would be able to complain about the atrocities committed by Al Liebore in future.

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