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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hole In The Pound

Another crack at a Bernard Cribbins classic.
There they were
Digging this hole
Hole in the Pound
The Footsie goin' down it was
And there we were, digging in deep
With the cost of living getting pretty steep
When along came this bloke known as Gordon
And he saw us and scratched his head
Well, he ignored the hole, the poor demented soul
And he said...

"I'm getting on with the jobbie. . ."

Tax here and there,
Take all you have spare,
We'll tax and we'll spend till your pockets are bare,
The economy's strong,
The Tories wrong,
And you can't vote us out coz it's here we belong.

There we were
Stuck in this hole
Trying to work for what little it was worth, we were
And there was him
Standing up there
Half-blind and moronic spouting loads of hot air
So we gave him a look sorta sideways
And as one the Electorate sighed
Well, we all know things are bad
And knowing Gordon's mad,
We replied...

It's you we can't bear,
Get out of our hair,
We don't want to be taxed till our pockets are bare,
And you may disagree,
But we can see,
You're the one who wrecked the whole economy.

There they were, digging this hole
Hole in the Pound, the FTSE going down it was,
It's still down now, the economy's flat
And we can't wait till the day we get rid of that Twat.

And that's that.

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Henry North London 2.0 said...

Lovely You always hit the spot