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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dungeekin The Elder

So my esteemed, venerable and ancient Father, from whom I have inherited my mastery of the written word, my genius with a drill bit and, of course, my ravishing good looks, has turned in his dotage back to writing.

Obviously, this has taken a degree of instruction from me, as the last time he wrote he was using a quill rather than a PC. But that's another story.

However, take it from me. He's good. Our childhoods were filled with stories and anecdotes, little tales and poems that got us through the scary and insecure times. 'The Big Red Moving Lorry' is one I particularly remember, if by now only the title.

Dungeekin the Elder is now addressing his wizened hands to the keyboard, and with his permission I am bringing his new masterwork, 'The Pursuit of Hedonism', to the Blogosphere. Here's a small extract to whet your appetite. . .

". . .the overwhelming majority being literally challenged when faced with anything more than the Sun or the Beano, both of which have now been combined to make the Sunday Sport, that seems as likely as a 13 year old being the first to deflower a virgin on an Eastbourne Housing Estate. As we all know, teenage girls in such areas move from riding in prams to pushing them and sucking dummies to fellatio, in less time than it takes them to claim their benefits!"

I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest.

'Chapter One - Retirement is Real' - is HERE, and I'll be posting his updates as and when he works out how to email attachments to me. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

A welcome addition.

Anonymous said...

Or addiction even. I look forward to more of the same.