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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Local Council. . .

Dear Local Council

I was most interested and enlightened to read this article on Pravda today. Apparently, people from outside the EU moving to the UK to work or study will have to pay £50 to cover the cost of the services they use, and it gave me a wonderful idea.

Clearly, if it only costs £50 for an immigrant, with all the services, benefits and so on that they require, then my cost should be considerably lower.

  • I work and pay taxes, therefore I am not a drain on the Benefits system.

  • We own our own home, so place no drain on public-sector housing.

  • I've never had so much as a parking ticket, so have not cost the Police time or money.

So - from what I can establish, the only cost I place on local council resources is my refuse collection. Given that it only costs £50 to give an immigrant everything they need, I am sure that emptying my bin once a week must cost considerably less than that.

However, in my typical community-minded spirit, I'm happy to reach an accommodation. I'll cancel my monthly payment towards the £1500 per year you charge me for all the services I don't use, and will instead send you a cheque for £50. As a goodwill gesture, I'll even do it annually. That should cover it, right? Right?

Or am I subsidising this 'visa charge' by a few quid?

Yours questioningly


PS: Sorry about the picture of Minnie Mouse, but she's the NuLieBore goon fronting this scam.


Catosays said...

You and me both. I get charged £1600 for one rubbish collection per week. No street lights,not that I want them. No mobile library...well, there is but it stops a mile away.
I'd love to know the justification..well, I do know, it's paying for the scum to get council tax rebates.

Unknown said...

Has anyoine else noticed that the expression on the midget's face is exactly the same as that of Gordon Brittas when he has just 'stated the bleeding obvious'?