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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bankers Told To Adopt 'Family Values' By PM

The PM demonstrates his favoured 'firm hand on the job' technique

Bankers should adopt "family values" in the way they work, according to Gordon Brown.

In a speech to faith and charity leaders at St Paul's Cathedral, the PM said that he expected bankers to behave wth the highest moral standards, and cited Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as the example to follow.

Mr Brown said, "it is right that bankers should have the highest moral standards, and follow those standards as Members of Parliament are expected to. Thus it is right that all senior bankers watch 'Raw Meat III on pay-per-view in their offices, and charge the taxpayer for the cost of the movie and the tissues".

Mr Brown admitted that he himself had tried to follow the same ethical steps, but that his attempts had been foiled when Sarah caught him cracking one off to videos of his own 'saviour of the world' speeches.

"Besides", the PM added, "I'm enough of a wanker without the movies".

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