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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Letter to Caroline Flint

Lazy, Incompetent, Deceitful, Avaricious Waste of Space.

Dear Caroline Flint

There is a saying in my business. RTFM. Read the Fucking Manual.

Documentation has a purpose. It is the documentation which tells you how the thing (whatever that thing may be) operates. How it can be manipulated to suit your own needs.

RTFM is the Golden Rule. I would imagine even Richard Timney had to RTFM about his pay-per-view telly before he reached for the Kleenex Mansize. RTFM is The Golden Rule. It's important when you're dealing with computers, and never more important than when you are dealing with The Sovereignty Of Our Nation.

Yet you, ma'am, have chosen not to RTFM. You have not read the Lisbon Treaty - a document which, as Europe Secretary, is the most important document that will ever, EVER cross your desk.

You have not even been briefed on all of it. Yet you have advocated and supported the Lisbon Treaty in Parliament.

I was going to spoof this - write a parody, make you even more of a laughing stock than you already are. But I cannot. I simply can't make light of the most egregious example of Ministerial incompetence and idleness I have ever seen, even given the horrors of the last ten years.

You Have Not Read the Lisbon Treaty
There is no excuse. This is the single most important piece of legislation to fall under your remit. You are therefore incompetent at best, and guilty of gross negligence at worst.

You Have Not Been Fully Briefed on the Lisbon Treaty
So how, pray, do you presume to negotiate or act on behalf of the people of this nation, as Europe Minister, when you do not know how the legislation will affect the people of this nation? Forget incompetent. Ignore gross negligence. This is, quite simply, abdication of responsibility on an unprecedented scale, that hands sovereignty of the UK to Europe. This is, quite simply, Treason.

You Advocated the Lisbon Treaty to Parliament
You spoke out in support of a Treaty about which you know nothing. You therefore misled the House. You, Ms Flint, are a Liar.

It seems clear to me that you are nothing but a pointless money-pit, into which taxpayers pour their cash for you to leech in expenses. I see that when it comes to legislation which DOES matter to you - namely what you can get away with pocketing in expenses - you have clearly read the documentation in detail.

You are an incompetent, lazy, dishonest, avaricious and deceitful fool, who would destroy this country rather than do the job for which WE pay you. Hang your head in shame, ma'am, and stand down.

Before the people of the UK take matters into our own hands.

(Not) Yours Disgustedly


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