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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For Caroline Flint: The Lisbon Treaty Made Simple

Ah, sod it. I can't not parody the cretinous, mendacious, money-grabbing moron.

Given that the estimable Ms Flint has not read the Lisbon Treaty, I feel honour-bound to offer some help.

After all, who would expect her to read such a document - it's all legal stuff, innit, with big words and that. So, as a gesture of goodwill to the lady, and in sympathy for her no-doubt-imminent sacking, allow me to offer a version of the Lisbon Treaty in a form that even a Labour Minister could understand.

'Spot Does the Lisbon Treaty'

See Europe.

See Europe Run.

See Europe Run Britain.

The End.

There, Caroline, even YOU could understand that. Or would you prefer a Civil Service briefing on it? I'm sure they could explain the difficult words like 'Britain'.

Please, hurry up and resign. Or better still, set yourself on fire.

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Anonymous said...

Where do the Labour Party find these odious women. Not a single bit of decent totty on the government benches. Here in my neck of the woodseEven the female local Labour town and county councillors look like they live under bridges frightening the life out of goats.