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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mass Arrests in Website Sting Operation

An unprecedented 18 million UK residents have been arrested today by Police, following a major sting operation.

In a combined covert operation managed by the Labour Party, MI5 and the Serious Organised ThoughtCrime Unit of the Metropolitan Police, the huge number of arrests made have revealed the deep roots of traitorous conduct in the UK amidst those who should love Ingsoc and Big Brown.

Speaking from the Ministry of Love, Justice Minister Laventiy Straw outlined the 'sting' operation, saying, "the units involved launched a spoof website, which invited people to tell us, in 140 characters or less, what they would like to say to the Prime Minister".

"18 million of those responses were seditious in some way, with some daring to question Big Brown's economic genius, some denying that he is the Saviour of the World, and some even suggesting that The Worlds' Greatest Economist should stand down".

Mr Straw said that some 'known political traitors', believed to include a cabal of saboteurs known only by their internet personae as 'Obnoxio', 'Dungeekin, and Guido Fawkes'were also guilty of making comments on the spoof pages that were "tantamount to terrorism". He added, "Dungeekin's in particular was violent, scatalogical and, according to the Chief Medical Officer, physiologically impossible. Besides, Gordon doesn't even have a pet chinchilla".

The Justice Minister paid tribute to the Internet Service Providers who had been 'very helpful' in providing the addresses of all 18 million miscreants, a task made easier following the recent legislation on Communications Endpoint Monitoring.

Those arrested are to be held in specially-constructed prison camps until such time as the required laws can be enacted to reintroduce capital punishment for Sedition, Treason and Saying Nasty Things About Gordon.


Fidothedog said...

Bugger I have been caught then :-)

banned said...

Interestingly the figure of 18 million malcontents matches the demand of Eco-Warrior Jonanathon Porritts' demand for a population decrease of some 30%.

As Churchill would say, " Action , This Day ! ".