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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Muhammad's Carpet to be Auctioned

Muhammad's carpet

A carpet, purchased 150 years ago to decorate the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina is due to be auctioned today.

The carpet, which is largely red and blue and decorated with pearls, was made in the 1860's and was bought by the Prophet's descendants in around 1860 from their local branch of Courts. It was used between 1860 and around 1909 as a decoration to the tomb's bathroom, where its rubber backing was seen as a godsend. Or, obviously enough, an Allahsend.

The current owner, a Mr A Hamza of Belmarsh, is reported to be selling the precious loomed heirloom to pay for some snout he owes 'Crusher' Willis on B Wing, said, "It's as good a piece of Wilton as anyone's going to find, I'm sad to be getting rid of it, truth be told".

Auctioneers Floggit Gavel have been commissioned to sell the rug, are expecting it to sell for 'upwards of £5, perhaps as much as £20', and orange antique specialist David Dickinson said, "at that price it's cheap as chips, and it'll be right as rain once someone gets the stains out".

This is the first of the carpets from the Prophet's tomb to be sold on the open market. A stair carpet, believed to have been used in Muhammad's student days when he resided in a 3-bedroom semi in Luton, is due to be sold next week and has a reserve price of £0.99 on eBay.

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