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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lord Ahmed Wins Court Case

Firebrand Labour peer Lord Ahmed has won his court case for compensation, we can exclusively reveal.

Lord Ahmed was sending text messages while driving his Jaguar when he struck a stationary vehicle on the M1 on Christmas Day. The driver of the other vehicle, Martyn Gombar, 28, was killed in the collision.

Lord Ahmed successfully sued the estate of Mr Gombar, claiming that the deceased was reckless in obstructing the passage of a member of the Labour Elite, for the facial injuries he suffered in colliding with a Prole, and for repairs to the damage caused to his Jaguar. Lord Ahmed had also claimed that if his case was not won, he would mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims to march on the High Court in protest.

Lord Ahmed was convicted of Dangerous Driving and banned for 12 months. He was also sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment, of which he is to serve six. However, the sentence will be deferred until such time as a 5-star luxury prison can be built, suitable for members of the nomenklatura.

In a separate development, a Tory councillor has been sentenced to 15 years in Belmarsh Prison for riding his bike without lights.


Anonymous said...

And the good ol' RBS shareholder will pick up the tab.

banned said...

Nu Lag Ahmed was met by a welcoming committee of Imams and radicalised youths at newly renamed HMP Jeddah ( formerly Strangeways ).
Prison Governor Mervyn McSpunk was unable to provide further details as this would violate Ahmeds Human Right of privacy.