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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arnie Set for Return to Screens

Aging action-hero-cum-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is due to make a return to the silver screen, it was announced today.

The star, 62, put his acting career on hold when he became Governor of California in 2003, however, his publicist today announced that he is to start working on two new projects.

In the first, directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, Schwarzenegger is to play a retired Special Forces soldier who is forced to face his darkest fears confronting a maniacal evil doctor. The film has tentatively been titled 'Stern Test II - Proctologist Day'.

The second film, due for release in late 2010, has been written and directed by fellow antique action legend Sylvester Stallone, and is believed to be a lighter-hearted action film about two retired Special Forces soldiers, forced to defend their beloved golf club from an evil teenage gang. The movie has a working title of 'Pringle All the Way'.

A spokesman for Governor Schwarzenegger denied that he was too old to be an action hero, pointing out that Schwarzenegger still works out regularly, and has now had an uprated pacemaker fitted. He added, "Arnie will keep being an action hero to one and all for as long as he can - even if he has to get himself mummified like Clint Eastwood".

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