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Friday, February 13, 2009

Gladiator Names

At the suggestion of Bill Quango MP:

This weekends task is to give Sky 1 type "Gladiator" names to the following people in this weeks news.

Gordon Brown: Ditherus Economicus Disastrus
David Cameron: Bullingdus Ex Nastipartius
Nick Clegg: Invisibilus Nonentius
Vince Cable: Financius Tolduso
Fred Goodwin: Bonus Maximus
Jacqui Smith: Stalinia Incompetentus Cowardia
Ed Balls: Moronis Sowhatus Footinmouthus
James Crosby: Sackus Whistleblowerus
Boris Johnson: Oldetonium Sayfuckalot
Sarah Tether: Neverheardovya Libdemia

Your turn, have fun.

UPDATE: Hmm, guess I misread the original post. I've gone for the movie, not the execrable TV show. Guess that just shows how much TV I watch....


Bill Quango MP said...

Gordon Brown: Deficit
David Cameron: Silent
Nick Clegg: Valentine
Vince Cable: Acceptable
Fred Goodwin: Shredder
Jacqui Smith: Domicile
Ed Balls: Unpopular
James Crosby: Vanished
Boris Johnson: Exuberant
Sarah Tether: Vacant

Bill Quango MP said...

UPDATE: So has everyone else!
Bigus Dickus and Bonus Maximus are tops.

Fidothedog said...

Would not Jacqui be Stalinia Incompetentus Cowardia Kebabicus.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown: Gluteus Maximus

banned said...

Gordon Brown: Ex-Imperator
David Cameron:Imperator-In-Waiting
Nick Clegg:
Vince Cable:Swayer
Fred Goodwin: Destroyer
Jacqui Smith:Kitchen Queen
Ed Balls: Fatuant
James Crosby: Hero Of SPQR
Boris Johnson:Blond Bombshell
Sarah Tether: unamed slave