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Friday, February 13, 2009

How Do You Break a Dolly?

Wow. Meltdown.

I note that this paragon of mental health was more than happy to attack an elderly woman with dementia, yet still attacks Iain Dale for quite rightly refusing to condemn Carol Thatcher.

Proof, if further proof were needed, that the Berk should never have left Berkely. Or whichever college it actually was that sent the Diploma.

I wonder what a decent psychotherapist would make of the worthy gentleman's "issues"?


The Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

What else is there to say? Draper is a complete and utter cunt.

banned said...

I am surprised that Guido deleted those, merely to notice someones colour and use that for the basis of a joke is not 'racism', as in " which one of you is President Obama ", how the hell is that 'racist' ?

As for ""We dont need the native working classes now, these are our future voters" I don't suppose that Draper even realised that the word 'native' did not refer to black people but to the indigenous ( Aboriginal even ! ) inhabitants of these islands, which would be the Welsh.