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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Letter to Jack Straw

Dear Mister Justice Secretary

Thank you for an eloquent and detailed piece in today's Grauniad. It's just a shame that it is misleading, inaccurate, and, quite frankly, outright wrong.

Your Regime, sir - I refuse to dignify it with the status of 'Government', for that implies a legitimacy you do not deserve - has coldly, systematically, and cynically ripped long-held rights from the people of a Nation who have, on several occasions, stood to the world as a bulwark of freedom.

There is no need to detail all the encroachments on our rights, as others will already have done so. But let us just remind ourselves of the broad strokes:

  • ID Cards;
  • Ever-increasing DNA and Biometric databases;
  • Detailed and centralised database structures;
  • 'Communications endpoint monitoring', to use your charming little phrase;
  • 42-days detention;
  • Removal of the right to legitimate protest in the vicinity of Parliament;
  • One CCTV Camera per 15 Citizens, plus police ANPR systems and police drone aircraft;
  • The arrest of a member of Her Majesty's Opposition, simply for holding the Regime to account;
  • 'Stop and search' rules that have seen hundreds of thousands stopped, for no result;
  • 'Anti-Terror' legislation used to freeze Icelandic funds, to monitor bin collections and covertly monitor school applicants;
  • Section 76 of the CounterTerrorism Act, making it illegal to photograph a police officer;
  • Every email sent and received in this country to be retained.
That's just a short precis of the number of new measures implemented by the Regime. Laventiy Beria must be smiling at the brilliance of his pupils.

You claim, Sir, to be "seeking better protection for citizens from terrorism and crime". The British people, Mister Justice Secretary, need no such protection. We have experienced crime and terror before, with a greater number of incidents, yet we had no ID cards then - and the Internment laws made things worse. Yet you believe that ID Cards and 42-Day Detention are relevant now, despite the repeated statements from experts that neither will help. I am, of course, removing the politicised Police from my definition of 'expert'.

You say, 'even were it true there is a mechanism to prevent it - democratic elections.' Yet the sad fact is, many people no longer believe we will GET an election. I personally believe that your Regime has finessed so much power for itself that it will not relinquish its grip without a fight. I believe we will see the imposition of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to delay, and subsequently remove, our right to vote.

The Labour Party repeatedly trumpets the phrase 'democracy'. I am, as ever, struck that those who claim the word the most, are those least likely to have it. The Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea. The Democratic Republic of Congo. The German Democratic Republic.

You and the rest of your Regime have enriched yourselves on the back of our taxes, and removed our rights to protest, to travel freely, to communicate without suspicion - even our right to walk down the street without a demand from the Fingermen for our papers.

In eleven short years, you have managed to do something no outside force has achieved - kill British Freedom, which had survived since 1215.

Hang your heads in shame. Resign. Leave before the British people do what is desperately needed, and remove you from your stranglehold on power.

I have the unfortunate privilege to remain, Sir

Your Disobedient Taxpayer


Ampers said...

Thanks for this post my friend! I was wondering what to write today :-)

I copied the bullet points and then wrote a blog directing my readers to your website to read the letter in full.

Keep up the good work!

Ampers "Lazy Bastard" Taylor.

Bishop Brennan said...

Spot on. This is why my contempt for them has turned into hate - and, yes, fear.

Worth sending this to the Guardian letters page - although I bet they won't publish it.


PS WV: 'howin', presumably as in, 'How in God's name did we allow this shower to get so much power over us'? :-(