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Monday, February 09, 2009

Guttenberg Named as German Economics Minister

Mr Guttenberg with the new German Minister for Sexual Health

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has appointed Steve Guttenberg as her new Economics Minister today, following the resignation of former incumbent Michael Glos.

The new role is a significant departure for Guttenberg, 51, who will step away from his straight-to-DVD movie career in order to deal with the current crisis in Germany, as it struggles to maintain confidence during the sharpest economic downturn in post-war history.

Ms Merkel defended her choice of the relatively-inexperienced Guttenberg, saying, "I was watching Police Academy and it's clear that Mr MahoneyGuttenberg is very skilled at turning round failing situations. I therefore believe that his approach of well-meaning incompetence will do wonders in these difficult economic times".

Mr Guttenberg has already announced new positions within the Economics Ministry, including Tom Selleck and Ted Danson to handle social engagements, and a human beat-box to act as Press Officer and to keep visiting dignitaries entertained.

Ms Merkel dismissed the opinions of critics who compared her to Commandant Lassard, adding, "I have had many, many, wonderful experiences watching the Police Academy films and 'Three Men and a Baby'. I know many, many people will question my choice, but I'm sure I'm right".

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