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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

M&S Launch New Underwear Range

'Infidel By OBL': the underpant of choice for the discerning martyr.

Retail giant Marks & Spencer have confirmed that following successful trials, they are to launch Osama Bin Laden's new range of fashion lingerie from January 2010.

The range, produced by Bin Laden's design house in Detroit, is a new step for the global terrorist's 'JihadCo' holding company and, according to the promotional literature, offers 'the perfect combination of style, comfort and detonation for the discerning suicide bomber'.

M&S Chief Executive Marc Bolland said, "the new 'Infidel By OBL' range brings a new explosive dimension to menswear, and we are proud to be the UK's first stockists. The first line to be launched will be the OBS Bombxer Shorts, which are a unique blend of cotton, lycra and semtex offering unparalleled comfort and fit right up to the moment they explode. We're currently planning to introduce further items in the range as the year progresses."

However, the 'Infidel By OBL' designs have not met with universal approval. While most Islamic fashion critics have applauded the new range, fashion guru Gok Wan described them as 'lacking impact except at the point of detonation', and terrorist style writer Abu Hamza derided the range, saying, "it's hardly the height of sense, is it? What's the point of 72 virgins, if you've blown your bollocks off?"

*Image kindly doctored by Grumpy Old Twat.

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Anonymous said...

Well done! What a laugh.

banned said...

Careful, you could get arrested in America for stuff like this.
"Having information likely to be of use in terrorist activity"