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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Government Announce Electoral Reform Plans

Electoral reform: 'Introducing democracy, fairness and social justice while stuffing the Tories'.

Labour have announced plans to introduce Electoral reform, in the run-up to the General Election next year.

The scheme, which was announced by Prime Minister Gollum Brown today, aims to abolish the first-past-the-post system for elections to the Westminster Parliament, which gave Labour 55% of the seats in the House of Commons for just 35% on the vote in the 2005 General Election.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Brown said, "it is right that we introduce electoral reform at this crucial time, when the faith of the electorate in British politics is at an all-time low. Our reforms will institute a fair, democratic system which places social justice at the heart of the electoral process.

"Our plan will show the country that the nasty Tories, who are against electoral reform, have not 'sealed the deal' with the electorate and confirm, once and for all, that the British people want a Labour Fourth Term."

The planned reforms include:
  • The provision of a 'None of the Above' tickbox on ballot papers. In the event this box dominates in a Labour-held constituency, the sitting MP will retain their seat - in a constituency held by another party, the seat will pass to 'no control', and will be subsumed into the nearest Labour-held constituency for administrative purposes;
  • The introduction of a Proportional Representation scheme, whereby a weighting to votes will be added dependent on how much Labour want to win the seat in question;
  • Fraud-reduction precautions to be implemented to prevent abuse of the postal and proxy voting systems. Under the new terms, only vetted Labour Party members will be eligible for proxy and postal voting, and postal votes will be given a 5x weighting under the PR rules above.
Mr Brown said that he was confident that under the new rules, Labour would be in a position to win a convincing majority in the next Election with less than 5% of the overall vote share. He added, "I know that the British People love me, and love Labour, and want our democratic and socially-fair form of Government to continue, even though they don't say it out loud. This will help the British people get what they really, truly want deep-down".

A spokesman for the Ministry of Rigging Electoral Reform added that they were also considering the re-drawing of electoral boundaries to improve fairness in the voting system, under which all English constituencies would be merged into a single constituency under Hull West & Hessle MP Alan Johnson.

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